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5 free ways to promote your marketing

5 Free Ways To Promote Your Marketing

5 free ways to promote your marketing


You can really optimize your marketing performance at no cost at all. You just need to know how.

Don’t be surprised! It’s not a joke on April’s Fool Day. You are starting a business and planning for marketing strategies. Whether you’re in established companies or an entrepreneur, budget is always a essential issue. It may take you millions of dollars to carry out promoting activities. But sometimes, such free lunch can be the key in your campaign.

The best methods to promote your marketing

1.     Create a tribe

Creating a tribe for your customers is a way to communicate with them and attract more traffic. With a tribe, you are creating a society of people with something in common, the “common” thing here is your product. They are exactly your potential customers.

A tribe is a way to retain your customers. A tribe is a place they can raise their voice and discuss the product or anything relevant. Customer loyalty to your product will increase once they feel close.

You can expand your own potential customer file with a tribe. Let your own customers freely discuss. The more your group is informative, the more “look-alike” customers will come and take part in. Besides, these customer files are much more selective and potential.

You can easily create a group for customers with Facebook group or Forum. The social networks are the best ways to connect people. Creating a group costs you nothing rather than some clicks but brings a lot to your brand.

In fact, it’s not a new concept in marketing. Mother Clubs of baby brands are exactly the tribes they collect their potential customers to promote their marketing activities. Nowadays, everything is easier when going online.

2.     Be a writer

You can promote your marketing by your writing. Let’s show them how knowledgeable you are about a type of product. An expert owner guarantees a qualified product.

Sign up and write on relevant forums/websites.

Let’s take a tour to select famous websites with high traffic and be a member of theirs. Many people who care about the segment your product’s in are here. You can write on these websites regularly with in-depth information. Building personal image is also promoting your own product.

Comment on posts of well-known bloggers.

Like websites, blogs of these people are the hub of customers. Followers center around the blogs to voice their opinions on every topic the blogger starts.

Write blog.

Build up your blog with quality contents. An informative blog makes you famous and attract people. A stone hits two birds.  Try to refer to other bloggers when writing. It’s the ego bait for them to refer to your product and your blog in return.

Be an active member with knowledge is the key to create your personal brand online. With personal brand, your network is easily to expand. And networking is, undoubtedly, always an advantage.

Surfing the high traffic spots makes you keep track of what the customer is talking about or thinking. You will understand your customers once you join them.

3.     Ask for recognition

Ask others to write about your product is the best recognition. People tend to believe what they hear from others rather than yourself. No matter how sincere you are, there is always judgement your advertisement as trickster. So you need to seek for reconciliation from the third person. And who should you ask?

Ask other bloggers.

As said before, these people are influencers in your segment. What they speak has high reach and relevance. Customers usually take advices from influencers with little doubts. To have them write about your product, the rule is understandable: “I scratch your back and you scratch mine”

Ask for review.

You can ask your customers who used your product to review about it. With their own experience, their reviews are more close to audience, who are also customers.

Many people can doubt the credibility of these reviews. And now it’s the time to take advantage of your tribe. Ask for reviews from customers in your group. After a time “living” in this tribe with their “neighbors”, their writing will be much more reliable to other customers.

Connect with reporters from relevant newspapers or journals.

Though journalism is bombarded with hoax or tablet, the content is usually considered official and credible. Have good connection with reporters helps you a lot in other circumstances.

Be sure your product is in the short list of local chamber of commerce.

It is proven that products recommended by chamber of commerce often get the high credibility. Like newspaper, the official data from the chamber has high authority.

4.     Be a member in your society

Don’t push customers far away. Think like them and do what they want. Let’s behave like you are one of them:

Keep tabs on trending.

Your information always has to be up-to-date and about what your customers are interested in. That’s how you attract other people, right? Make them comfortable when communicating with you. Find out what the trend is and talk about this.

How can you find the trend. Pay attention to the hashtag and check the top keywords. And then make sure to put them in your captions and your description. Hashtag is a tool to optimize search engines. It makes easier to find your posts and push them on front page.

Once you get fluent, you can create your own campaign with your own hashtag. Your hashtag helps spread your messages more easily, increasing the reach and engagement from audience. But remember to keep your message short and simple enough for lazy customers.

There is a funny example about this. Recently, the scandal of United Airline is on air all the time. From news, TV shows to social networks, people express their anger toward violent customer service when a passenger was beaten and forcefully dragged off the plane.

And what do United Airline’s rivals do? “We beat our competitors. Not you” (Southwest Airlines). And Emirates Airline says “Fly the skies with a real airline” The other airlines take a good chance to promote their brand by saying they’re allying with the passengers and opposing such violence.

This is also an example of optimizing your marketing through polishing brand imagine. By giving their opinions against “re-accommodation” accident of United Airlines, their rivals prove they operate to contribute long-lasting values for society, promoting their images.

Time your posting schedule.

If you want to attract people to your fanpage, set your clock as theirs. Not only do you have to speak what other people want to hear, but also when they are in the mood.

For example, if your page is about learning English at office. Here is a timetable you can refer:

  • 8 am: It’s time the staff came to office and started a day. Begin their day with a learning post. It’s the time they have full energy and are ready for lessons.
  • 12 pm is time for lunch. Entertain them with a funny post
  • 10 pm. Time to go to sleep. Send them a “good night” with a ballad to fall into sleep.
  • And 8 am on weekend. Hey, it’s the day off. Welcome their day with a motivational quote.

That’s how you make you page familiar with customers. Play with their emotion. Stay in their shoes to understand them, because sometime, the key to promote your marketing is sympathy.

Express your emotion.

Expressing your opinion toward any events in daily life makes you interact with customers by becoming one of them. Even if your opinion is opposite, as long as it’s built on stable arguments, you can attract people to discuss it. Moreover, a survey has shown that the majority of sharing post is about emotion reaction.

5.     Interact with your customers

It may be the thing you have heard over and over but there are some means helping you communicate with customers efficiently.

Create polls/surveys.

You need to know their customers’ feedback .Ask them to answer surveys. Your customers are too lazy? You can give away a little gift to encourage them. The gift is very simple. Many pages give away with ebooks, collection of slide or wallpapers.

Create mini game.

Again, easy games with small gift attract more traffic, and make your pages more appealing.

Answer their questions.

Pay attention to the comment section and answer their question as soon as possible. This makes your customers feel they are cared about. Or you can gather their questions and write a post about them, explaining carefully to their concerns

Hold events.

The events can be ceremonies or birthday of your own tribe.

Live streaming is also a good idea.  Broadcasting yourself attracts interaction. You can tail the number of people watching and have mutual engagement with them at the same time. It can be clearly seen that live video gets much more views than pre-recorded one. Furthermore, followers are notified when you start streaming.

Many social media have streaming feature such as Facebook and YouTube. You can go live stream at anytime you prefer with just some clicks. However,  prepare carefully before you go streaming. Make sure your videos have high quality content even after you finish broadcasting. Don’t just leave a blank screen and talk nonsense.  Your customers will soon be tired and there will be no next time seeing again for you.

You can also interact with your customers with tutorial videos, info-graphic, and  images, which are effective tools to reach people and drive traffic.


Marketing is all about bringing your product to the ears of customers. It can take some millions or just a few dollars to promote your marketing performance. The important thing is you have to understand what you need to do and how to do it.

Regardless, thank you for reading 5 free ways to promote your marketing and hope to see you in other writings. Goodble!

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