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15 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses


15 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

15 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Running a small business is always difficult, especially when you do not have an ample budget to do anything you want. The limited resources have made it extremely hard for you to catch up with new trends, updates, and strategies in marketing. So the question is how can you make your business recognizable?

Below are some practical yet useful tips for you to make your business outstanding and recognizable in the huge business world. Just follow the tips and apply them to your business, I am pretty sure better results will come faster than you ever think.

Conducting giveaway campaign

People seems to hesitate when it comes to trying new things. Understanding this behaviour, Aly Moler and Ari Fleischer from Frozen Pints invented a new way to attract potential customers. They have successfully grown their beer ice cream sales by giving away their new products. The customers will have chances to enjoy their new product for free. The results were of course amazingly: customers lined up at their store to buy more beer.

=> Lesson learnt: people are not so eager to try new stuff unless you offer it for free. So just offer them your products and there are good chances they will come to you for more.

Blog with experts

Anyone who has been in the marketing field in recent years all knows that blogging is really a trend that attracts people’s attention effectively. It is an intelligent way to take advantage of search engine optimization and make your business recognizable.

However, many people have misunderstood the ideas and switched their attention to frequency, rather than quality, making this method ineffective or even counterproductive.

If you post quality contents on your sites, it is pretty certain that your business will come at the top ranking when people make searches. This is the best way to attract visitors to your site, leading to leads increase and business growth.

The most effective frequency to post contents is weekly. If you post too frequently, chances are that customers will lose their interest. The more informative and exciting the content are, the more effective your blog becomes. Some marketers even hire professional business to help them manage the blogs to get the best results.

Networking events

If you spend much time on attending events that happen around you and make your name and face familiar, you have succeeded in contributing yourself. Then whenever someone wants to find anyone to cooperate or doing some business, your name will come first on the list.

This is extremely helpful when you are running a small business with not so large a budget for marketing campaigns.

 Making your own event

If, unfortunately, you are not the kind of person who enjoys attending events of others, then you can just make your own events! This enables you to organize every little detail just as how you want it to be.

A prime example of this is Darrah Brustein. Darrah has made one of the most famous and noticeable networking spot in Atlanta named Atlanta Under 40.

This event has given Darrah many valuable chances to connect with many young entrepreneurs in the neighborhood.

Lead an organization

Another great way which is even much better than attending events or some organizations is to actually lead ones. Imagine when you become the president of an organization, say, Organization of young entrepreneurs. You sure will have many chances to get to know and connect with people from all levels of backgrounds. And I am sure to you, there are many great minds in that organization.

Sponsor organizations

Perhaps some people find it hard to lead an organization due to a lack of them, then sponsor would help you out. Your business name would be widely exposed every time customers hear of the organization. Consciously, customers can remember clearly and appreciate the company that sponsors their organizations.

Making podcasts

This may sound weird if that is what you think. However, this is extremely effective as people love to tell and hear stories. Making podcasts gives you chances to make more valuable connections. This must be a new way to make marketing strategy you have ever heard, right?

Making podcasts also gives you valuable chances to indirectly provide information about the products you are trying to sell. A good story would certainly make people happy and ready to buy anything.

Social media

Social media has been a crucial part of our daily life. We use Facebook to check on friends, we use Instagram to share photos, we use Twitter to share our thoughts, and we use Pinterest, Snapchat, any many other social networks every day. Small business particularly cannot miss the opportunity of getting known by these big social platforms.

Just make some effort in some marketing techniques such as tracking consumer behaviors and find new customers. There are also various apps to help you manage social media effectively.

Marketing techniques involving social media are just as easy as making email messages. Nowadays, Facebook and Instagram has become two main channels let customers know about the business. Some business runners even take advantage of these two channels only to develop their business as well.

Mini games would be cool

What is more attractive than playing games and get amazing gifts? By organizing mini games, you have successfully made your business remembered in the mind of customers. In this case, Facebook and Instagram become two powerful channels for you to do this.

Weekly email

Some people underestimate the power of email marketing. In the era of social networks, email marketing is considered outdated and irrelevant to marketing strategies. However, about 91% of U.S adults say that they still love to get emails from companies that they used to do business with.

In the year of 2017, maybe you should pay more attention to provide useful contents. Don’t just bombard customers with daily emails about sales they would freak out. Useful and informative contents in a decent frequency would be appreciated.

Finding new customer relationships is hard. But keeping them is even harder. Sending emails to remind customers every week about what is new with your business or just simply to give some advice or wishes would be tremendously appreciated.

Mobile marketing

Mobile industry has witnessed huge developments in recent years. It has been the main means of marketing because there are many ways to utilize social media based on mobile. It is estimated that there are 95% of Americans own a smartphone and 98% text messages are read.

For this reason, making mobile marketing campaigns has been one of the most important strategies for small businesses. If you have yet to develop any strategy like this then there are many kinds of text marketing services that allow you to make lists or create and send messages to new and existing customers.

Visual effects

Live stream and videos are two most popular forms of this kind. It is estimated that every day there are about 100 million hours of video being watched on Facebook. Live streaming allows you to have better engagement with customers and by doing so, you can promote your products better.

Graphics is also another way to approach this tip. Graphics, however, may need some more attention than it did in the past. The feeds are getting more and more crowded, which makes customer’s attention shorter than before. So only powerful and impressive graphic contents can last in the sea of competitive graphics.

Avoid pop-ups

Many people have a misconception that pop-ups are very helpful in getting more attention from audiences. Well, they are totally wrong. In 2017, Google will start to penalize sites which frustrate mobile experience. This is caused by a dominant development of smartphones nowadays. Pop-ups are known as blocking mobile experience because it is quite hard to get rid of pop-ups on a small screen on smartphones.

There are many alternatives to pop-ups such as offering attractive contents or using some tools to get email addresses from users. These ways are way less annoying than what a pop-up does on the phone screen.

SEO saves the world

The world we are living involve largely to digital development. Therefore, SEO is definitely a must, particularly for those who are working in e-commerce such as Shopify. People now tend to make online research before they decide to buy anything and this trend will surely grow further and further as technology progresses.

You may want to be absolutely accessible when people want to buy products from you. In this case, effective SEO practices would surely help you a lot in increasing sales for the entire business.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to automation

You may fear that automation will not get you the results you want. However, you can’t do it all. It will certainly burn you out. There are many ways to make use of automation in your marketing strategies. Nowadays there are tons of special software that can help you collect leads and traffic way better than you do on your own.

Pay attention to every customer as well as his/her reaction, generate more leads and by doing that, push up the sales number, follow up with the fast conversion rate – certainly, automation will do much better and more effectively than you.

 Marketing, basically, is just about interaction and engagement. Small businesses have many ways to get close to the customers and make their products outstanding. The year of 2017 has seen many changes in technology and interaction method, marketers should, therefore, focus on these changes and develop their own strategies, even with a limited budget.

Regardless, thank you for reading 15 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses and hope to see you in other writings. Goodble!

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