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Logo Crate Review – The best costing less than a pizza

Logo Crate Review

Logo Crate Review

If you are having your head spins because of your logo. So you must read my Logo Crate Review right now. This will be the savior of yours.

Do you think, nowadays, some designers are over-reacting? I don’t mean to underestimate their works. I have some designer friends, too. But you don’t always meet nice and kind designers. Sometimes, you pump into a designer who keeps complaining everything about client and charging a high price because of “I can’t undersell my work ethic”.

However, you have to tolerate these guys by any means. Logo, as an item of your brand recognition, is highly important. There is no mistake or carelessness allowed on it. Everyone can judge you with that and it’s highly affects the decision of a customer when they are hesitating to check out your product. And now what do you say if I tell you I can help with an amazing logo with a completely inexpensive price? So it’s time to have a look at my Logo Crate Review immediately.

In my review, I will introduce everything about this product, how awesome it is, how amazingly it fits your requirement and its price, as well as how to buy it. Moreover, at the end of my Logo Crate Review, I will make some recommendation for it.

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to Use
  • Bonus


• Pros
- Very affordable price for a high quality item
- Easy to use
- Careful instruction in training video
- Freely customize the template provided
• Cons

Logo Crate Review – Overview


Vendor Noel Cunningham
Product Logo Crate
Launch Date 29th April, 2017
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Sale Page http://jvwithnoel.com/
Front- End Price $9.95
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Niche General
Recommend Highly recommended

Logo Crate Review

What is Logo Crate?

Logo Crate has recently emerged and got well-known for its high quality and easy to access logo templates. This product offers you the solution for your logo designing in a very good deal. Logo Crate consists of more than 300 logos categorized into specific kinds for the users’ purpose. Every logo is designed professionally and in high class, they can suit your business perfectly no matter what niche you are in.

Logo is very important for any business. You have to pay attention to its purpose and its design. Logo Crate will make things smooth for you. Each logo has the high rate as a wonderful graphical representation of company. The customization is very easy as well. Creating a logo has never been so simple like this.

And in my Logo Crate Review today, we will go step by step to explore this excellent package.

Logo Crate Review

About the publisher

Noel Cunningham is a big guy in this field with years of experience. Every product of him has achieved many awards as Product of the Time via JVZoo system. His ability has been recognized for remarkable wonderful products with great results.

This guy is completely devoted and enthusiastic on each of his brand child. Every product is created with specific purpose and works on very well \ to perform that purpose. If you are using one of his products, it surely will get better output for your company. His products are highly recommended by many professional marketer and businessmen today.

Contact Details

Noel Cunningham

FB : fb.com/noel.cun

Skype : noelcunningham86

What are the great features of Logo Crate?

As said in this Logo Crate Review, this product offers you more than 300 templates, or 330 logo templates exactly.  But it’s not just like throwing into your face a pack of logos and going away. This product has great features.

  • Receive 330 standard and attractive logo templates with high quality

Your logo always has to be meet 3 factors to be an awesome logo:

Recognizable: You logo has stand out of others.  You don’t want your customers mistake your for something else, which is a disaster for any business. So your logo should not be too complicated but not too simple as well.

Describable: You logo anchors your whole business. It have to give customer the general idea what you’re working on at the first glance. So remember to check that your logo makes sense to your company.

Professional: This is very important factor but it’s forgotten all the time. You logo never can’t be a quick drawing. It creates the first important impression for your customers toward your brand. You treat them with negligent and you receive the same. So, never do that.

Why am I telling you these? Because they are what Logo Crate offers you. As I have checked it out, the templates in this product are prepared carefully and smartly. It deserves to be your representative in all circumstances.

  • Low price for high quality

As I have analyzed, this package is loaded with full quality. Morever, its price is attractive. Few cents to make huge cash. You can’t miss this, I’m sure.

  • Step by step training and great support

Every user is offered training videos where you are guided to edit the templates with Photoshop and free software. The training is in detailed and creative. And if you have question, you can put it through the developer for answer.

  • Full source file

You already how important the source file is with a designer. The awesome is you are given all source files for your templates and the bonuses as well, which really is Aladin wishes for you.

Besides, as you’re using this product, you will be really pleased with how amazing it is. Let’s experience this wonderful pack now!

Logo Crate Review

How does Logo Crate work?

You can think, well, it’s a package of logo and you already know what to handle it. Yep, the use of this product is so simple and straight, but multifunctional as well. So in this Logo Crate Review, let me take you a tour on it

After you purchase this successfully, you will be given instant access to Member Area. And in this page, you can download your package. The logos have been divided into categories. Here are they:

Animals                                       Architecture

Business                                      Coaching

Internet                                       Marketing

Medical                                        Money

Nature                                          Personal

Product                                        Real Estates

Security                                        Shop

Social Media                                Software

Sport                                             Weight Loss

Other Trades

Among these categories, you just choose a sector of your business. And then in that category, you select the logo you are impressed most.

The next thing is customize your logo. Now you will edit your logo on the ground suiting your company. You will be given PSD file to work on Photoshop. Moreover, you can also receive training videos how to edit logo in the free software GIMP or other free software.

After finishing your editing, you can export your file for later use. You can get license rights to the logo you create. Every logo by users all gets developers rights for its protection.

So, whether you are a seller or a designer, you can get these templates, make them your own and then multiply them for tons of wonderful design after reading my Logo Crate Review.

Logo Crate Review

As I have considered, Logo Crate is not restricted to any particular type of users, for the fact that it has proved it is useful for anyone who needs logo designs. So, I strongly recommend this package to seller, vendor, designer or normal person as well. As long as you’re in need of logo, you can turn to it anytime and anywhere.

Price and how to buy it

Logo Crate is on sale at $9.95. I have to say it’s a low price for a blue ribbon product. Let’s take a calculation. $9.95 is divided for 330 templates, which means each templates costs you 3 cents, less than a pizza slice. Keep dividing when you can create many logos from a template. The cost is even much cheaper. Let’s think about the value from these templates. They could have cost you nearly $9.000, a great deals of cash now turns less than a pizza. You have to hurry up right now when you finish my Logo Crate Review to buy this brilliant product.

This product can be bought online buy PayPal, Visa, Master Card and Amex, too. Besides, when getting it right now, you will receive valuable bonuses with 75 high resolution stock photo images, 40 “add to cart/ buy” buttons and 20 viral quote images with full source files.

With this product, you can get protection with 30 days of guarantee when making your order. There is no reason not to buy it. Come quickly now!

Logo Crate Review


Out there, there are a lot of template package on sale. To avoid biases, I won’t mention specific names or brand in my Logo Crate Review. I will make my comparison with some criteria.

  • Price: As I see, all sellers offer you lower prices compared to hiring one creative agency. But the point is the average price. That counts. As I have done a research by myself, with the average as 3 cents per template, Logo Crate is on the top of lowest price for a creativity work.
  • Quality: It’s hard to precisely compare the content of a high tech art work like these. However, depending on the resolution and some principle of designing I have read, the logo templates of Logo Crate are on high class for business. They are professionally designed with eye-catching forms.
  • Customer support: Noel has great support for his customers. In the training videos, the instruction is very clear and simple for anyone to understand

User Experience

In my Logo Crate Review, I should also share with you here my personal experience using it.

Firstly, the payment and logging into member are smoothly. I have no trouble or complain on these.

And then with the main part, editing. My favorite feature of this product is its training videos. I have used the Adobe software for quite a time. When I watch the training videos, they please me a lot. Besides step by step training, they help me come up with some ideas for my customization. Actually, this product is worth a try.

So I really suggest you make an order immediately before the rise goes up.

In conclusion

In this review, I hope you can find useful information about this product. It’s worth every penny you put on for this. Don’t hesitate for such an amazing product! Thanks for coming by my Logo Crate Review! See you with next review on the next days.

Get Instant Access Logo Crate with Special Discount

Logo Crate Review


Logo Crate Review

Logo Crate Review


Step 1: Order Logo Crate  through my site.

Step 2: After you complete the order, send [the receipt id] in a message to my email at: josereviewbonus@gmail.com or contact me on this page.

Step 3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours.


Thank For Reading Logo Crate Review!

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